Journalism, representation and the public sphere

Title chapter:The rumbling years. The communicative figurations approach as a heuristic concept to study - and shape - the transformation of journalism
Author:Leif Kramp
Keywords: digital journalism, transformation, mediatization, communicative figurations, organisational learning, newsroom innovation, participation
Abstract:The chapter dicusses the profound transformation processes which are driven by the digitization of media and the 'mediatization of everything', and that challenge journalism on various levels. It is described how journalism as a cultural practice becomes successively marginalized by other sources of information and an overall change of media use and appropriation. It is further argued that journalism as a professional field and the institutional and organisational structure that has sustained and nourished it for decades is undergoing a radical re-orientation in addressing the public. With references to the heuristic concept of "communicative figurations" and the operational concept of "organisational learning", it is proposed how overarching issues of media and societal change can be considered to analyse and shape newsroom innovations. Empirical insights and observations of recent developments on the German news market complement this argumentation.
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