Politics, Civil Society and Participation: Media and Communications in a Transforming Environment

Title chapter: Life with the media manifold: Between freedom and subjection
Author: Nick Couldry
Keywords: media practice; media manifold; ethics; sensorium; infrastructure
Abstract: This chapter explores future directions for audience studies a decade after the practice turn and in particular asks what particular aspects of the media ‘sensorium’ are most pressing to investigate right now. After the introduction of the term ‘media manifold’ to capture the many-layered complexity of our uses of media in the digital era, my broader argument is that at a time of fast change in media platforms and the increasing supersaturation in at least rich countries of people’s lives with media, ethical and normative issues are becoming increasingly salient in media and communications research. The work of Sherry Turkle from psychology, Julie Cohen from legal theory, and Robin Mansell from political economy is, in particular, discussed.
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