Present Scenarios of
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Title chapter: The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age
Author: Sonia Livingstone
Keywords: Digital Media, Young People, Digital Media Learning, Ethnography, Agency, School, Dis/Connections
Abstract: To understand how, in a heavily mediated society, a “digital thread” is now woven through the fabric of young people’s personal, social and learning lives, I undertook a year-long ethnography with one class of 13-14 year olds. This revealed the intersecting ways in which young people appropriate digital media to find spaces of personal autonomy and agency while their parents and teachers try to deploy digital media normatively to shape young people’s present achievements and future prospects. This is played out through the subtle enactment of variously motivated or problematic connections and disconnections sustained within and between home and school. The result is that digital media – although not necessarily determining young people’s lives – have become a key site of anxiety and struggle between the generations.
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