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Title chapter: A vindication of academic engagement in the European space
Author: Victor Navarro-Remesal, Ignacio Bergillos
Keywords: ECREA Summer School, PhD Studies, engagement, internationalisation, collaboration, academia, Europe
Abstract: In recent years, the European project has faced many threats and crises, but academic-related spaces (such as the Erasmus programme) serve as success stories where we can still hope for a recovery of the European ideal. The consolidation of the European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School invites us to reflect on the core elements that define it not only as a doctoral programme, but also as a facilitator that shapes our professional identity as communication researchers in a shared European space. Thus, the Summer School can be understood as part of the European endeavour itself: an intellectual environment not of being but rather of becoming, where different scholars "united in diversity" can find common ground and expand their scholarly tools and skills to face problems both distinct and alike. This aim does not come without obstacles: university today seems to be co-opted by neoliberal discourses and changes in academic culture that create high expectations, competition and a difficult work-life balance.
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