Journalism, representation and the public sphere

Title chapter:The role of media content in everyday life. To confirm the nearby world and to shape the world beyond our reach
Author:Ebba Sundin
Keywords: media content, reality, confirmation, media experiences, stereotypes, mediation, mediatization, non-centric media studies
Abstract:In this chapter, two classic assumptions about the role of media content are considered: the first involves media content related to individual experiences and how this content confirms and assures the 'state of reality', the second assumption involves media content related to how individuals can experience 'reality' beyond their own reach. Four classic works by Walter Lippmann, Marshall McLuhan, James W. Carey and John B. Thompson, are discussed with the focus on the assumptions of media's role in interpreting the world. The chapter concludes with a discussion on how the classic texts are still valid from the shift towards a non-media centric viewpoint in the research of media, for example in studies based on the concept of mediatization.
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