Critical Perspectives on the European Mediasphere. The intellectual work of the 2011 European media and communication doctoral summer school.

Title chapter: The added value of frames: On the differences with related concepts
Author: Viorela Dan
Keywords: framin, visual framing, framing research, media, narrative, discourse
Abstract: The omnipresence of frames in academic literature over the past two decades has fuelled a discussion about the added value of the concept of the frame in comparison to seemingly analogue concepts. This chapter aims to shed light on this issue by reviewing the academic literature on the topic in order to contrast frames with some related concepts which have been used interchangeably, namely narratives, discourses and signs. The chapter starts by defining frames in the context of framing theory and then moves on to a comparison of these concepts. The comparison is structured in four dimensions: the level of the concept in the mass communication process, the role of the communicator, the scope of communication and the carrier of this communication.
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