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Title chapter: New Scenarios in News Distribution: The Impact of News Aggregators Like Google News in The Media Outlets on the Web
Author: Tania Lucía Cobos
Keywords: News Aggregators, News Distribution, Digital Journalism, Google News, Media Companies
Abstract: The chapter proposes a discussion about news aggregators and new digital business models such as infomediation, in the context of the new scenarios of news distribution on the web. In particular, it analyses the case of the news aggregator Google News: its impact, criticisms, conflicts and actions. From a broader point of view, how the Fifth Estate – represented by multinational technological companies on the internet, Google in this case – challenges, transforms and reassesses the Fourth Estate – represented by the large and small media outlets – and it imposes its conditions on a dynamic of coopetition or symbiosis between them in the socalled era of web 2.0.
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