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Title chapter: The circuit of protest: A conceptual framework for studying the mediation opportunity structure
Author: Bart Cammaerts
Keywords: mediation, social movements, protest, circulation, multi-method, social change
Abstract: In this chapter I present an encompassing conceptual framework to study the role of media, communication and mediation in contentious politics. I have called this framework the circuit of protest. This circuit is comprised of four core-moments, namely, the production of movement discourses, frames and collective identities, the self-mediation practices of the movement, the mainstream media representations and the reception of these movement discourses, frames and identities by non-activist citizens. The mediation opportunity structure refers to the dynamic interplay between agentic opportunities and structural constraints operating at each of the four moments of the circuit of protest. Besides this, the chapter also reflects on the methodological implications and challenges of the circuit.
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