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Title chapter: Truce and Consequence. Indexing Theory and COP15 in the Danish Press.
Author: Michael Bruun Andersen
Keywords: News Institution, Objective Journalism, News Paradigm, Foreign Policy, COP15
Abstract: The indexing theory is a theory about the relationship between media/journalism and politics with a focus on foreign policy issues, especially war. It states, that under particular circumstances where the national interests are at stake the media ‘mirror’ political power. It is a critical theory as it analyses the shortcomings of traditional/routine news journalism and its dependence on official sources. The indexing theory, therefore, is a challenge to traditional normative theory of the press, ‘the fourth estate’. The paper consists of two parts: a short introduction to indexing theory and a discussion of its main theses on the basis of a Danish case, the coverage of COP15 in Copenhagen 2009 by the Danish media.
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