Journalism, representation and the public sphere

Title chapter:Theoretical framework for the study of memory in old and new media age
Author:Irena Reifova
Keywords: media, memory, collective memory, networked memory, cultural studies
Abstract:This chapter looks at the blossoming discipline of memory studies and aims to shed light on concepts which are useful starting points for enquiry into connections between memory and the workings of communication media. The chapter argues that there is a close nexus between memory and media which manifests itself in the ways memory is produced "in", "by" and "through" media (Frosh and Pinchevski, 2009). It pinpoints principal sites of media memory scholarship with emphasis on journalism, media's engagement in the stimulation of individual memory, media's involvement in sedimentation of collective memory (mainly in channelling potential social hegemony) and transformation brought about by the transfer of memory processes on the digital platform.
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