Politics, Civil Society and Participation: Media and Communications in a Transforming Environment

Title chapter: Conceptualizing consumption-critical media practices as political participation
Author: Sigrid Kannengießer
Keywords: consumption-criticism, media practice, sustainability, political participation
Abstract: Consumption-critical media practices are those practices which are either using media for criticising (certain) consumption or which are (consciously practiced) alternatives to the consumption of media technologies such as repairing, exchanging or producing durable media technologies. While the former can be found on the level of media content, the latter are practiced on the levels of production and appropriation. This article aims at conceptualizing the phenomenon ‘consumption-critical media practices’ by analysing examples on the levels of media production, appropriation and content. Moreover, consumption-critical media practices are discussed as political participation as they are aiming at shaping and changing society – often striving for sustainability.
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