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Title chapter: Farewell to a Utopia. Technology Discourse in the German NSA Debate
Author: Johanna Möller
Keywords: technology discourse, liberation technology, NSA debate, relation of technology and society, social and individual legitimation of technology
Abstract: Communication and media researchers have repeatedly highlighted that current technology discourse is characterized by an emphasis on “liberation technology” (Diamond, 2010). They agree that liberation technology is a myth that successfully impacts on the relation of society and technology. Critical disenchantment, in consequence, is a necessary precondition for democratic conceptions of technology. In this article I investigate the debate on Edward Snowden’s famous bulk surveillance disclosures as a moment of de-mystification or disruption of technology myths. Theoretically, Eran Fisher’s concept of technology discourse is used to closely examine the German legacy media NSA debate. In particular, two questions are addressed. First, which conceptions of technology emerge and are pursued in the course of the debate? And, second, how are social and individual legitimations used to justify the role of technology in society?
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