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Title chapter: Visual Matters in Health Communication: A Systematic Review
Author: Fatma Nazli Koksal Fatos Adiloglu
Keywords: visual health communication, visual image, public health, systematic literature review
Abstract: Communication in the information age calls for many skills. The importance of media literacy has taken it position long ago moving further with digital literacy. Health communication has subscribed to the subject matter with the concept of health literacy where the Internet, social media and informatics technologies are vividly dominating the field. This is also where visual literacy meets health communication. The chapter will present an inquiry to trace and track visual matters in health communication. Respectively, the Journal of Health Communication is taken as a benchmark with its clear-cut, interdisciplinary conceptualization reflected not only by name but also with its scientific academic credits being published every month. Preliminary research aims to extract the visual weight of these articles by depicting relevant visual aspects. Attention will be paid to articles regarding “why” and “how” visual imagery is employed in health communication. The study emphasizes the visual construct in health communication and will contribute to the fostering of further research in what is sculpted as the “visual health communication” field.
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