Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe

Title chapter: The Case of Elderly People Using New Media
Author: Irena Reifova
Keywords: New Media, Generational Media Experience, Research Framework,
Abstract: The aim of this chapter is to set up a theoretical framework that will enable us to see two inter-related phenomena: new media and the way in which they are used by elderly people, and the management of new social risks. Elderly people and the generational aspects of their use of new media - the way they deploy them to deal with new risks - are at the centre of our interest here. There are no doubts that new media has the potential to increase quality of life in old age. We will argue that both use of new media and the treatment of new risks bring about an accumulation of individualisation and that this kind of parallelism eventually presents a massive threat to "ontological security" (Giddens, 1990).
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