Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe

Title chapter: Advantages and Limitations of a Text Analysis to Reveal the Strategic Action of Social Actors: The Example of Cultural Diversity
Author: Bertrand Cabedoche
Keywords: Content Analysis, Social Actors, Cultural Diversity, Schools of Theory
Abstract: First, this chapter will review the conclusions from an analysis of social actor discourses using the term diversity, e.g. France Telecom (now called Orange in the telecommunications global markets), during 2005-2010, to illustrate how a particular concept is used by social actors We will begin our analysis of this company's discourses, also by looking at its omissions and contradictions. We will then put this result in perspective through the general context of France Telecom's human resource management. Finally, we will extend the analysis to enrich it with theoretical frameworks that discuss cultural diversity, shifting beyond the limits of the methods of content analysis.
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