Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe

Title chapter: Analysing Media Production: The Benefits and Limits of Using Ethnographic Methodology
Author: Rosa Franquet
Keywords: Ethnography, Methodology, Media Production, Cross-Media, Multi Platform
Abstract: Media companies have had to change dramatically as a result of digital convergence. Company adaptation to new production situations is essential for success and the research that has been done in this area provides helpful information. The study of creation, production and distribution of content at the heart of broadcasting companies is a real challenge for the researcher who has to analyse this process inside a complex organisation. Research done on multiplatform production has been addressed with quantitative and qualitative approaches, giving priority to case studies, content analysis and ethnographic techniques that allow observation within media organisations. This contribution is based on the problems arising from the choice of case study, and the advantages and limitations that the ethnographic method offers in the study of multiplatform production.
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