Critical Perspectives on the European Mediasphere. The intellectual work of the 2011 European media and communication doctoral summer school.

Title chapter: The Importance of Literature Review in Research Design
Author: Burcu Sümer
Keywords: literature review, theory, methodology, research questions
Abstract: This chapter argues that writing a good literature review is a craft, but then again it is always comforting to know that it does not require talent. It matures from practice and from continuous reflection on that practice. The key points covered in this article are based on criticisms directed by examiners and journal editors. In an ideal academic world of social inquiry, however, conducting doctoral research is about understanding the way things are in life by asking intelligent questions about it. One way or the other, pursuing a doctoral study means placing a brick in the wall of the knowledge of life. The value of your contribution to this wall very much depends on how accurately you define that wall and your contribution to its development. On an operational level, the literature review section of the PhD dissertation is the exact place to demonstrate why your definitions, theories, concepts, paradigms and overall contribution matter.
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