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Title chapter: Controlled disconnections: A practice-centred approach to media activities in women's solo travelling
Author: Simone Tosoni and Valentina Turrini
Keywords: non-media-centric media studies; solo travelling; social practices; media territories; temporality
Abstract: Drawing on the preliminary findings of an ongoing case study of female solo travelling in Italy, the present chapter intends to propose some methodological considerations about addressing media activities in social practices. In this way, it intends to contribute to the attempt to decentre media studies advocated by authors like David Morley, Shaun Moores or Nick Couldry. With this aim, it focuses in particular on the practice's 'media territories' and on the temporality of media activities that participate in articulation of the practice. An analysis of what Theodore Schatzki defines as 'objective' and 'subjective' time reveals how solo travelling in Italy contrasts with the ongoing tendencies of transformation related to the pervasive mediation of tourism.
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