Critical Perspectives on the European Mediasphere. The intellectual work of the 2011 European media and communication doctoral summer school.

Title chapter: How to teach interactively large classrooms: a participation-focused approach
Author: Pille Pruulman-Vengerfeldt
Keywords: interactivity, participation, learning, teaching, university education
Abstract: This chapter reports on The ECREA European Media and Communication Summer School 2011 workshop/lecture on interactive lecturing, which attempted to overcome some of the preconceived notions on lecturing, while drawing on the vast diversity of the participants’ experiences. In this chapter, I will attempt to provide a few ideas and also reasons as to why one should avoid reverting to the broadcast mode of lecturing, even in the largest of classrooms, and how to manage interaction, engagement and participation using pedagogical tools and tricks. The aim is to support student learning, based on the assumption that the lecture is one of the worst modes of information delivery, as the classic saying by Confucius claims: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”.
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