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Title chapter: Control, Identity, Self-Governmentality. A Foucauldian Approach to Web 2.0
Author: Fausto Colombo
Keywords: Web 2.0, surveillance, interveillance, control
Abstract: This paper aims to show the applicability of some of the theoretical assumptions made by Michel Foucault to the analysis of web 2.0. Foucaultís complex thought has been heavily debated in the academic world, and this debate continues today, nearly thirty years after his death. I will not, therefore, look at this debate in depth, but will instead take only some Foucauldian topics into account, in order to examine a number of issues in relation to the web. It seems to me that a work of this kind could be particularly useful today, at a time when there is a general rethinking of the historical, technological, economic and political development of web 2.0, and when new theoretical approaches seem to be emerging.
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