Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe

Title chapter: Too Easy to Say Blog: Paradoxes of Authenticity on the Web
Author: Fausto Colombo
Keywords: Blogosphere, Identity, Web 2.0, Media Appropriation
Abstract: The so-called blogosphere is a very complex and hard-to-define phenomenon. There are plenty of platforms (Twitter is also a micro-blogging platform), of very different genres (from more or less professional information to private conversations, to digital archives). However, there is no doubt that the most striking feature in blogs is that they are highly personal: a blog is a kind of notebook to write down thoughts, comments, impressions, opinions, simple moods. Its life largely depends on blogger's desire to cultivate it, exactly as a garden (and we know that gardens live depending on a gardener's constancy). A blog is a place to express the self, to perform identity, a private space that, although open to the public, is owned by the blogger who has the right to choose the topics, the constraints and their frequency. However, things are much more complicated. I would therefore like to suggest here that it is useful to understand the origin of the personal re-appropriation of public discourse as a point of departure to build new relationships, being aware that we will come across many problematic issues. To highlight this point, I will consider a specific case study, which seems to me to contain almost all the major theoretical issues of the blogosphere, or we could say, of the dialogic universe of Web 2.0.
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